Sunday, March 9, 2014

Kuala Lumpur.

The second week in Kuala Lumpur.

It seems everything to be shiny and bright.
The city where it never sleeps.
When you have money, everything is possible here.
From roaring cars, spacious house and all those techno gizmos stuffs.
A world of illusions.
Money is everything here.
But not everything is about money.
You can buy a dozens of Lamborghini  , but will it last?

Of course it can make you happy,
But for how long?

You have countless amount of money inside your bank account,
But eventually it will be empty somehow.

It makes us greedy. That desire which runs into our veins, the more we have, the more we want.

Is there any end to this?

For sure, there is no way, happiness exists in materials.
A sense of peace and tranquility  you cant buy with money.
You buy the biggest castle yet you feel so empty inside.
How do we fill our empty hearts?
Surely not with materials and stuffs.

But with being grateful to God.

As for muslims, we should always be grateful to Allah as what he has given to us.

The oxygen we breathe in.

The eyes which can see.
The nose which we can smell.
Everything Allah gave it us.
How bout those expensive things we have?
Didnt we worked hard to get it?
Yes of course.
We worked hard. But Allah is the only reason, we manage to get those stuffs.
He is the Provider for His creations.
Im happy that Allah , has chosen me to born as a muslim.
A religion which is perfect and differ with other religions.
A religion which teaches human beings to be humble and grateful to the only One, Allah.
Alhamdulillah, to my rabb.
There is nothing greater to the love to Allah.
May Allah protect us from the fitnah of this dunya

And May Allah make us among those whom will always be grateful to Him

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